It is not about those who started the race it is about those that will finish the race!! Many started strong but today are found by the side lines out of breath! Listen!! The race is not over! Get back in and get a second wind!! We can push you and cheer you to get back in. However, it will rest on a decision that only you can make? Join us don't split from us because we are all still running to get there!! The race is not over!! Get back in it!!

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 What happens the moment we die? Why we must prepare for there will be a second death for those outside of Christ. Rev. 20-13,14.

Revelation Chapter 4 the church is raptured and no longer found upon the earth. The rapture teaching comes from the 1st century Apostles not from the 1800’s as it has been taught in error...

Let’s talk about Laodicea the self help, people governed, people pleasing, lukewarm church! Why is this the church with the most people on Sunday and yet God has not one good thing to say about them? March 19, Monday. Please, wake up!!

 After God speaks to the seven churches we are faced with the rapture! The tribulation 7 year period is for Israel. The opportunity for the gentile nations to follow Christ with a fervent spirit is right now! “I knock at the door of your heart, will you let me in? Jesus”

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We live in a time when the mind must be focused and the heart must be determined and turned toward the cross!! See you tonight Friday @8pm for a divine time in Him!! It is High Time let's unite!!


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